Table 1

Description of street food specialties of Palermo's tradition




pancakes of chickpeas flour


obtained from the residual panelle's dough left in the edges of the patty used to cook them


fried cylinders of mashed potatoes


fried rice spheres stuffed with sauce and meat or mozzarella cheese and ham

Focaccia with milza

a sandwich stuffed with thin slice of bovine spleen and lung, ricotta cheese and slivers of caciocavallo, very savoury oblong-shaped cheese of Southern Italy


a soft leavened dough seasoned with tomato, anchovies, onion, olive oil and oregano


consists of small pieces of fat, cartilages and bit of meat detached by the discards of slaughter that, first of all, are fried and then boiled

Musso and Quarume

the feet, the jaw, the breast and other parts of the calf cut into bits and boiled, they constitute the musso; the same ingredients of the musso can be served with vegetable broth and in this way they are called the quarume.


guts of calf twisted into strips of fat and onion, pierced in a spit and roasted

Buscemi et al. Nutrition Journal 2011 10:119   doi:10.1186/1475-2891-10-119

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