Figure 2.

Transitional changes of CRP (a), ESR (b) and DAS28-ESR (c) before, during and after the repeating treatment with milk antibody with 4 months resting period. Thin lines with <<otri>>: Patient ID198, <<osq>>: ID3188, <<ocirc>>: ID3240, <<ctri>>: ID3709, <<csq>>: ID4119, and Heavy line with <<ccirc>>: Average ± SE, *: P < 0.05 (compared to the values at the starting point of milk antibody treatment), cross mark: Constipation worsened during secondary treatment with milk antibodies (ID3188), Shadow area: Treatment period with milk antibodies. NOTE: CRP and ESR values of 5 patients who received the second treatment among the 8 responders (Figure 1) were plotted in Figure 2(a) (b) and (c). Due to abnormal CRP and ESR values in one patient (ID4119) at the 3rd month of the second treatment, the average values of both CRP and ESR at the end of the second treatment seem to increase slightly.

Katayama et al. Nutrition Journal 2011 10:2   doi:10.1186/1475-2891-10-2
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