Figure 4.

ATP measurement in Caco-2 cell treated with MnGluc or MnOxP. Panel A shows the quantification of ATP in cell homogenates. No difference between MnOxP -treated compared to untreated cells was measured. Treatment with MnGluc diminished the intracellular content of ATP at 24 h, respect to both MnOxP-treated and untreated Caco-2 cells. ATP determination in apical supernatants of Caco-2 cells in transwell system cell displays that ATP release during the early times (5 min) of MnGluc supplementation is significantly higher in comparison with both MnOxP-supplemented and untreated cells (panel B). In the basal supernatants the release of ATP is in nanomolar range, which renders the statistical difference between MnGluc-treated and untreated cells showed in the histogram not physiologically relevant (panel C). Symbols: * indicates MnGluc differences (p < 0.05) respect to MnOxP, # respect to untreated cells.

Foglieni et al. Nutrition Journal 2011 10:77   doi:10.1186/1475-2891-10-77
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