Figure 3.

Changes in the concentration of plasma glutamic acid (A), lysine/tyrosine (B), isoleucine (C), leucine (D), tryptophan (E), histidine (F), valine (G), phenylalanine (H) and proline (I) during the 240 min postprandial period in young individuals consuming beverages composed of caseinate (−−○−−), transglutaminase-treated caseinate (−●–) or whey protein (··▽··). Values are means ± SEM, n = 10, a) whey protein different from Cas-TG (P<0.05), b) whey protein different from Cas (P<0.05).

Juvonen et al. Nutrition Journal 2012 11:35   doi:10.1186/1475-2891-11-35
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