Figure 2.

Plasma HDL-C concentrations in response to test meals. A: Plasma HDL-C (means ± SEM, n = 15) concentrations over 7 h in response to test meals containing POL, AHA or PCAN test fats. Varying the P/S ratios of test fat challenges significantly altered prandial plasma HDL-C concentrations (P < 0.001) when tested by repeated measures MANOVA analysis of time x meal interactions. Plasma HDL-C concentrations increased with decreasing P/S ratio (POL > AHA > PCAN). Bonferroni’s testing indicated significance for paired comparisons between POL with AHA (a, P = 0.005) and PCAN (b, P < 0.001) meals but not between AHA and PCAN (P > 0.05) meals. B: Univariate analysis indicated AUC for HDL-C AUC was greater after POL compared to PCAN (a, P = 0.009) and AHA (P > 0.05) meals. HDL-C AUC increased by 25.38% for POL compared to PCAN and 16.0% for AHA compared to PCAN meals. Legends (A): POL = Palm olein only (); AHA = Soybean-Palm olein blend (); PCAN = Rapeseed-Palm olein blend ().

Karupaiah and Sundram Nutrition Journal 2013 12:122   doi:10.1186/1475-2891-12-122
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