Table 3

Liver ferritin protein and liver iron1concentration in chicken given the treatment diets
Treatment Liver ferritin1,μg/gwet weight Liver iron2,μg/gtissue
"High + Fe" 650±18a 64.3±3.8a
"Low + Fe" 645±22a 39.6±2.3c
"High" 435±13b 52.2±3.1b
"Low" 355±10c 43.3±2.5c

a,b,cWithin a column and for each parameter (i.e. liver ferritin or liver Fe), treatment group means without a common letter differ, P< 0.05 (values are mean±SEM, n=10).

1Atomic mass for iron is 55.8 g/mol.

2Liver tissue iron concentrations analysis is described in the materials and methods section.

Tako et al.

Tako et al. Nutrition Journal 2013 12:3   doi:10.1186/1475-2891-12-3

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