Figure 3.

GLN is protective by dephosphorylating p38MAPK downstream of GLN-mediated FN-Integrin osmosignaling after HS. A) Cells were treated with 0 mM or 10 mM GLN with or without SB203580 (10 μM) 1 h prior treatment under stressed conditions (43°C). A representative Western blot of [T(P)180/Y(P)182]p38MAPK and total p38MAPK levels is shown. B) IEC-6 cells were treated with/without 1 h prior SB203580 (10 μM and 30 μM) treatment under stressed conditions (44°C). Cell survival was measured via MTS assay. Results are shown as mean ± SEM (n = 4). C) IEC-6 cells were treated as described in Figure 2A. Western blots of [T(P)180/Y(P)182]p38MAPK and total p38MAPK levels are shown. P38MAPK phosphorylation is revealed as mean fold change relative to total p38MAPK ± SEM and ratioed to 0 mM GLN (n = 4).

Niederlechner et al. Nutrition Journal 2013 12:88   doi:10.1186/1475-2891-12-88
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