Table 4

Needed staff for inpatient and outpatient SAM and MAM management, according to existing recommendations
SAM inpatient SAM outpatient MAM outpatient
Total malnourished children at any time 93 1767 10,525
Recommended number of children to be managed by one staff 10 20 No standard (20)
Total staff needed 0 88 526
Existing staff 14 60 60
Gap in staff number 0 28 466


Existing staff for inpatient management are those of Upazila health complexes.

Existing staff for outpatient care are those of sub-centres, family welfare centres and community clinics.

Kouam et al.

Kouam et al. Nutrition Journal 2014 13:22   doi:10.1186/1475-2891-13-22

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