Table 3

Correlations between the levels of L-carnitine, oxidative stress, and antioxidant enzymes activities after supplementation
β1 Pvalues
MDA (μmol/L) -0.00 1.00
CAT (U/mg protein) 0.87 0.02
SOD (U/mg protein) 0.72 < 0.01
GPx (U/mg protein) 0.08 0.72

1regression coefficient.

CAT, Catalase activity; GPx, glutathione peroxidase; LC, L-carnitine; MDA, Malondialdehyde; SOD, superoxide dismutase.

Lee et al.

Lee et al. Nutrition Journal 2014 13:79   doi:10.1186/1475-2891-13-79

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