Table 1

Sample low saturated fat and low glycemic load Mediterranean diet


One cup of coffee or tea

One thin slice of whole grain bread or rye biscuit with one slice of cheese and a slice of turkey ham or with margarine (Becel) and little honey


One portion of cereal with low fat 1.5% milk


Day 1: One salad of fresh or boiled vegetables, one slice of cheese, one slice of bread.

Day 2: *Grilled fish + salad

Day 3: *Grilled Chicken + salad

Day 4: One portion of green beans, cooked with tomato & olive oil. One slice of cheese and bread

Day 5: *Grilled fillet + salad

Day 6: One portion of lentils, one slice of cheese, one slice of bread

Day 7: *Grilled fish + salad

Notes :

• Salads should be dressed with fresh extra virgin olive oil, up to 3 dessert spoons per day

• * means that you can eat a lot – but do not overfill

• Add a little olive oil to the grilled meat, fish and chicken

• You should have one fruit with breakfast, one after dinner and one or two fruits between meals, you may have also one yogurt between meals.

• Bread is whole grain or rye.

• You may have if you like one glass of wine every day

• Program is changed weekly

• If increased weight loss is required mainly salads are selected for the dinner meal

Arkadianos et al. Nutrition Journal 2007 6:29   doi:10.1186/1475-2891-6-29

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