Figure 1 .

Effects of 8-week supplementation of Korean red ginseng (KRG) on lymphocyte DNA damage LDL oxidation. A. Comparison of mean values for damaged tail length (μm) and tail moment in lymphocyte DNA and the concentrations of oxidized LDL (U/L). B. Images of lymphocyte DNA damage performed by comet assay before and after treatment between the placebo and high-dose groups. Tested after log transformation. P values represent significant differences by analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) using a general linear model (GLM) with adjustments for age, sex, BMI, smoking, drinking, systolic BP, diastolic BP, and baseline values. *P <0.05,**P <0.01, and ***P <0.001 compared with the baseline in each group; P <0.05, ††P <0.01 , †††P <0.001 compared with the placebo group.

Kim et al. Nutrition Journal 2012 11:47   doi:10.1186/1475-2891-11-47
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