Table 1

Food grouping for data analyses
Food groups Na Food items in the NZAFFQ
1 Fruit juice or cordial 1 Fruit juice / drink / cordials
2 Artificially sweetened drink 1 Artificially sweetened drinks
3 Tea or coffee 1 Tea or coffee (including Ice Tea)
4 Milky or chocolate drink 1 Milky or chocolate drink
5 Sugar-added drinks 3 Regular soft drinks, Sports drink, Energy drinks
6 Breakfast cereals 1 Breakfast cereals (all kinds)
7 Non-white bread or bun 1 Brown or wholegrain bread or roll
8 Rice, pasta or noodles 1 Rice / pasta / noodles
9 White bread or bun 1 White bread or roll
10 Cheese 1 Cheese
11 Non-standard milk 1 Low-fat milk (light blue)/ Trim milk (green)/ Calci Trim milk (yellow)/ Rice milk/ Soy milk
12 Standard milk 1 Standard milk (dark blue)
13 Yoghurt 1 Yoghurt
14 Poultry 1 Chicken/ turkey/duck
15 Eggs 1 Eggs
16 Nuts or seeds 1 Nuts or seeds
17 Meat alternatives 1 Tofu /vegetarian sausages /falafel
18 Legumes 1 Baked beans/ chickpeas/ lentils/ kidney beans
19 Red meat and processed meat 4 Beef, Lamb or mutton, Pork, Processed meat (including sausage, salami and luncheon)
20 Fish and seafood 2 Fish, Other seafood (including mussels, oyster, prawns)
21 Fruits 13 Apple, Banana, Oranges or mandarins, Peaches or nectarines, Pears, Apricots, Plums, Kiwifruit, Strawberries or berries, Grapes, Melons (including watermelon, rockmelon, honeydew), Pineapple, Avocado
22 Cruciferous vegetables 3 Broccoli or cauliflower, Cabbage or coleslaw, Brussels sprouts
23 Green leafy vegetables 4 Lettuce or salad green, Mixed vegetables, Watercress or puha, Silverbeet or spinach
24 Marrow-like vegetables 2 Cucumber, Zucchini or courgette
25 Red or yellow vegetables 5 Pumpkin, Kumara, Carrots, Capsicums, Tomatoes
26 Potatoes 2 Hot chips or wedges or French fries, Potatoes (not fried)
27 Other vegetables 6 Onion or leeks, Mushrooms, Corn, Taro, Peas or green beans, Celery or asparagus.
28 Sweet bakery products 1 Sweet biscuits/ cakes/ muffins/ doughnuts/ fruit pies
29 Sweet snack bars 1 Muesli bar / fruit bar / rice bubble bar
30 Nut spread 1 Peanut butter / nut spread
31 Ice-cream 1 Ice-cream
32 Sweets 2 Lollies, Chocolate confectionery
33 Convenience foods 2 Pies or sausage rolls, Pizza
34 Savoury biscuits and crisps 2 Potato crisps or corn snacks, Savoury biscuits or snacks

Abbreviation: New Zealand Adolescent Food Frequency Questionnaire (NZAFFQ).

a Number of items in the NZAFFQ. Item 'Alcoholic drink' was not included in the analysis.

Wong et al.

Wong et al. Nutrition Journal 2012 11:65   doi:10.1186/1475-2891-11-65

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