Figure 1.

Relation between food patterns groups (FPGs) among women and risk of being diagnosed with IFG/IGT/diabetes. Multivariate regression analysis of relation between food patterns groups (FPGs) and risk of being diagnosed with IFG/IGT/diabetes at the health check-up among women in the whole population (crude - top), and among only the Previously Healthy Adequate Reporters (crude - middle and adjusted - bottom), in northern Sweden, 1992-2005. (OR and 95% CI). "High fat" FPG used as reference group. Abbreviations: BMI = body mass index, kg/m2; CI = confidence interval; IFG = impaired fasting glucose; IGT = impaired glucose tolerance; OR = odds ratio; Significantly increased risk marked with red (solid line) and significantly decreased risk with green (dashed line). 1Adjusted for previously being told about high blood pressure (but not taking medication), family history of ill health, age, BMI, education, cohabiting status, living area, physical leisure activity, smoking, snuff use, alcohol use.

Hörnell et al. Nutrition Journal 2010 9:48   doi:10.1186/1475-2891-9-48
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